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That’s our main focus because it’s a PROVEN STRATEGY in building wealth in
America today. We help you leverage the same strategies the 1% use every day.

When I hit rock bottom... I found myself induced into a coma for a week, had gone through 3 surgeries, and after a month laying in the hospital having to learn how to walk again from an accident that left me with third-degree burns covering 40% of my body from being on fire... I knew it was a God-given sign that I needed to change my life for the better and real estate was that light for me. Working as a server in San Diego and trying to invest locally was out of the picture.... until I found credit...transformed my life forever! I can't wait to share that with you!

Brandon and Jennifer are standing at their 4-Plex located in San Diego. One of many properties they've purchased & remodeled all with credit. Utilizing the "BRRRR Strategy" they listed all four units on Airbnb and after did a cash-out refi, now have none of their own money in the deal.

Deal Breakdown

• Purchase Price: $1.25M

• Remodel: $160,000

• Mortgage Payment: $7,133

• Rent: $350/Night Per Unit Airbnb

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