From getting house arrest and burning 40% of his body to reaching $3.5 million net worth and being a part of "Top 100 Yahoo Finance", Brandon Elliott is a testimonial that with perseverance, persistence, and faith- all things are possible. 

After the big explosion, Brandon saw this as a sign from God to look for a better path. Having to start from the bottom again, Brandon went on working various jobs. Day and night, he would work as a server at two different restaurants. Anywhere in between, Brandon did door-to-door sales for a real estate company. He quickly noticed how much the investors were making and had the "aha-moment" that investing was the only way out of the rat race. From then on, Brandon decided to learn everything he could on investing in real estate. He went into a rabbit hole, learning as much as he could from podcasts, youtube, all the books he could get his hands on, even seminars and saving as much as he can.

In the process, Brandon sent out offers on a regular basis starting locally in San Diego but wasn't able to get any deals as he was competing with all cash buyers. Instead of giving up there, Brandon decided to broaden his horizon elsewhere... 

Within two years, in July 2015 Brandon purchased his first rental property in Ohio, then just months later a triplex. By May 2016, Brandon had 10 income producing properties that allowed him to quit his jobs... and the secret sauce that helped Brandon do so is inside CREDIT COUNSEL ELITE!

Thanks to credit, Brandon had the capital to both purchase and remodel these properties. The reason why Brandon created Credit Counsel Elite is for you! Brandon witness first-hand what credit had did for his life. While real estate is the vehicle, credit is the tool that helped Brandon become financially free and create generational wealth while living the lifestyle he has always dreamed of- supporting his family, traveling the world, and giving back to the community!

CREDIT COUNSEL ELITE is not another credit company, it is a FAMILY that believes in you and your dreams. Credit Counsel Elite is here to bridge the gap between your dream, lifestyle, and current or next investments through understanding credit and wealth generating strategies so that you can focus on what matters most.

With Credit Counsel Elite, you will be able to get 6-figures of funding at 0% percent interest and learn life-changing skills like removing hard inquiries, collections, even bankruptcies... just like Brandon and all of the countless successful students in Credit Counsel Elite.

 Don't let money be the reason you miss out on another opportunity, join the Credit Counsel Elite FAMILY today!

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