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How to Get a Perfect 850 Credit Score, and Why I Believe It Is a Waste

January 29, 20234 min read

I have had many clients and Credit Counsel Elite mastermind members say that they would like to get to a perfect 850 credit score, and while this is possible, and I can certainly help someone achieve this fairly quickly (see below), I believe that it is not the best use of your credit.  

Anyone that has an 850 credit score is not taking advantage of the benefits that credit can provide.  There are no loans or credit cards that require an 850 credit score.  Mortgage interest rates will usually go down as your score increases until you reach 780.  Beyond 780, there is no benefit with a higher score.  There are no credit cards that cannot be obtained with a credit score of 780 or higher, so again, along these lines, there is no benefit to achieving a score of 850. Sure it may feel good to achieve the perfect 850 FICO score; however, ego aside, it will not benefit you financially by using credit to creatively leverage growing investment opportunities for generational wealth that we teach in Credit Counsel Elite.

If you are planning on doing a mass apply (a method we teach to get tremendous credit), then having a score that is in the 800 range will be great because your score will drop after that mass apply by about 20 points, and even if it does, you will still be in the upper part of the “very good” range, above 780, allowing you to still get the best rates available, and almost anything approved.

Brandon, I Understand That an 850 Score Will Not Help Me, and I Still Want to Get One; So How Can I Do It?

OK, I understand, if you still want to get an 850 then the answer is pretty easy, but please know some lenders will actually deny applications that are 850 scores because they are in the business of lending and making money off of the consumer. If there is absolutely zero risk and a sure bet the banks may not make any money off you, they may decide simply not to lend to you, to begin with. With that said, to get an 850 FICO you need to make sure that EVERY one of your six boxes related to your credit score is in the EXCELLENT category, and then some.

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  • Your utilization must remain below 9% (data shows that utilization should be between 0-3% on the statement closing date to get an 850)

  • You must have a perfect payment history (if you have had any late payments, you’ll need them removed)

  • You can not have any derogatory remarks (these must be removed too)

  • Your age of credit history must be longer than nine years (this can be done faster than you may think by simply using AUs, and those with a perfect credit score usually have an average age of 12 years or more, AND the oldest card has an age of 25+ years.)

  • You must have 21 or more total accounts; however, they should also be mixed-use accounts (student loans, mortgages, car loans, personal loans, retail cards, and credit cards); as many types as possible the better.

  • And you must have had no hard credit inquiries in the past two years (these can be removed but know that they can stay on your report for up to 2 years and six months because the credit bureaus have up to 6 months to remove them.)

If you have met all of these requirements, your credit score will be in the 850 range.  

I Have an 850 Score; What Can I Do With It?

If you do have an 850 credit score, it means that you have a very long history of good credit usage, and you can now leverage this good behavior to your advantage. 

The first thing you can do is to provide your Authorized User spots to those that are following behind you.  Children or nieces/nephews can benefit greatly if you let them be an Authorized User on a few of your oldest credit cards; as long as they don’t have access to the card, there is no risk to you.  Being listed as your AU will help them get ahead in the credit world quickly.  

If you have open AU spots available, my team can help you make an additional income by providing those AU spots to others creating amazing win-win scenarios with only minutes of work involved.  CLICK HERE You will probably have been offered several credit line increases on most, if not all, of your cards over the years, which means that you can use these high limits on a rotating basis for funding your business and investing opportunity ventures.  These high limits can also be leveraged to provide hard money lending, which can be an additional income stream.

If you are interested in doing hard money lending or finding out other ways to leverage credit lines, my company can help with this as well. Feel free to reach out to Credit Counsel Elite for more information.  

At Credit Counsel Elite, we teach business owners how to get up to $500K at 0% interest every six months; for more information, CLICK HERE

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