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Bill Pay at Wells Fargo

April 04, 20234 min read

Bill Pay at Wells Fargo

With our previous bill pay MS method, I showed you how you could get up to 6 payments on a single card. With today’s technique, I will show you how you can do up to 30 (or more) bill pays with a single card. Wells Fargo allows for bill payment for up to 6 different bill payers.

  1. Visa

  2. Bank Name

  3. Wells Fargo Home Mortgages

  4. Wells Fargo Bank Student Loans

  5. Wells Fargo Bank of Texas Mortgage

  6. Wells Fargo Card SVC Consumer (but this one is a $3 service fee)

Except for number six, the other bill pays will generally be $1.50/ per transaction. Note that all of these will also require a zip code except for the first (Visa).  

Make sure to ask the cashier to type in the biller name exactly as desired so that it always pops up as the image that they are looking for, and they are selecting the correct one. Any mistakes will cause you problems down the line and can also cost more fees.

For Wells Fargo Credit Card(s) you want to make sure that it has the ‘s’ in “card’s’ ” if not you can be charged an extra fee to pay for these. So make sure the teller is putting in the correct information letter by letter for all of these as written.  

When it comes down to how many bill pays you can do on a Wells Fargo card, I have told you how for other cards you can typically do three bill pays under the name “Visa” and another three under the bank name per 30 day cycle. And now you have four additional names under Wells Fargo that you can use to pay with. With some cards, under each of the six, you can do it three times; however, there are some cards where you can do this method for up to five possible rounds.  

Yes, you can do five bill pays under each one of these six account names. This means that you have a total of 30 different ways to liquidate your gift cards under that one card per 30-day cycle.  

This makes the Wells Fargo cards super powerful for liquidating, and you can extend your MS greatly.  Depending on the payment processor, each one of these will cost you the $1.50 fee except again for the last one, which is $3. This altered bill pay strategy now means that you are set up for tremendous success.  

Leveling Up

Now, we can add another twist to the algorithm here. With Wells Fargo, you are able to call in, and you can get four cards for a single credit account. You can claim that you lost your credit card up to three times in one month and get a new card issued to you. When you call in and claim that you have lost a card, you will be provided a new account number as a new replacement card arrives. You can hang on to the three “lost” cards, plus the fourth card that is currently active, and use them all for the bill pay process.  

You will use the current card to buy with, but you can use it, AND the other three cards for this bill pay method each with 30 bill pays a month, so in total, you have four times 30 or 120 bill pays a month possibilities. This is just with Wells Fargo, and the money will all go back to the same place to be repaid, not having to transfer money to and from different accounts with money orders.  

With this method, you have the potential to liquidate a ridiculous amount in a thirty-day period. And this is all under a single platform. All under one card with Wells Fargo. You have the ability to use any Wells Fargo card for this method, but I have used the Wells Fargo Propel in the past to do this successfully.  

PRO TIP: Note that you can NOT do this method with a Business or Secured card so don’t attempt to do so.  

Good Luck, and God Bless!!!!!


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